How do you stand out from the crowd?

This may be the single, most important exercise you ever perform as a small business owner. Your entire marketing program depends on you selecting the proper niche market.

You must stand out from the crowd. This means your business must become unique. But how do you do that?

When you niche your business into a narrowly defined market, you become unique, and you therefore instantly attract everyone that niche market appeals to. In other words, you wind up attracting EVERYONE in that niche.

You’re going to create that uniqueness by carefully selecting the niche market that resonates the most with your target customer, as well as with your individual passion.

Look at your competitors marketing. I’ll bet it looks exactly like your marketing. In fact, most ads today say the exact same things – we offer the best price; we provide our customers with excellent quality; we offer only the best customer service; we’ve been in business for 25 years and so on.

The problem is that when you look and say the same things as your competition, you’re doomed to forever compete on price. Every human being on the planet wants the “best deal.”

What prospects are really looking for is “value.” Which business will offer them more value in relation to the price they’re being asked to pay? Your prospects will pay you a much higher price as long as they feel the value they receive is greater than the price you charge.

In the next message, we will address, How to Select a Niche Market You Can Dominate.

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