How to Select a Niche Market You Can Dominate.

The ONLY way small business owners can create extraordinary value is to position their business as being unique, and that requires you to stop trying to be all things to all prospects. You MUST position your business into a very specific and well-defined niche market. Once you select that niche market, you will position your business in a league all its own, and your business will become the obvious choice for all prospects who are looking to buy what you sell.

 Selecting your niche market makes it easy to pinpoint your target prospects. Then you can create advertising and promotional programs that provide compelling offers to motivate these prospects to buy what you sell.

For example, consider a personal trainer at a health club. They continuously advertise their services by saying that they help people lose weight and get back into shape. Nothing wrong with that, and that’s what they do.

But was that message compelling? Did that message literally reach out and grab your attention? Did that message practically force you to request their services? Probably not. In fact, it sounded EXACTLY like what every other personal trainer says they do as well.

But what would happen if I advertised that I was giving away a free e-book titled “How An Extremely Busy Mother Of 3 Lost 19 Pounds Of Ugly Fat In Just 8 Weeks, And How You Can Get The Exact Same Results, Or Even Better.”

Do you think that just might grab the attention of every new mother facing this common problem? Do you think they would instantly request that valuable information? Of course, they would.

Now suppose that e-book highlighted all the major benefits I provide as a personal trainer that caters exclusively to new mothers, such as a specialized diet plan tailored specifically for their body type and hectic schedule, an exercise plan they can easily do at home while the baby is sleeping, and so on. Think some of these mothers just might want to hire me as their personal trainer?

But consider this? Wouldn’t 95% of the content in that book apply to a broad spectrum of people with similar weight issues? What if I simply altered the title of that e-book and re-titled it to say, “The Only Step-By-Step Fitness And Weight Loss Program Designed Specifically For The Bride-To-Be That’s Guaranteed To Get You In The Dress Of Your Dreams, And Fast.” Do you think that might attract some prospective brides-to-be?

Prospects today want to work with the expert. They want to do business with the best of the best. Just saying you help people lose weight and get back into shape sounds like every personal trainer on the planet. So there’s absolutely NO incentive for me to take action, after all, I can get this service just about anywhere and from anyone.

As these examples show, positioning your business into a specific niche market is your key to massive business success.

Next, we are going to learn “How to Identify and Select an Appropriate Niche Market.”

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